Webtilia is an international, creatively driven digital advertising firm specialized in creating high impact ideas with cost-effective solutions that yield profitable results for our clients.

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Turnover Web

TurnOver is digital marketing firm specializing in Search Engine Optimization.

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Mailtilia is a full service email marketing provider that will create, send, monitor, and track your email campaigns.

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EV (Virtual Strategy) is a full-service Hispanic social media management company.

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In this section you will find many answers to common questions about our services.


How long before I can have a corporate video?
The execution of a corporate, industrial, or process video, i. e., for a multinational industrial company, can take between 2 and 6 weeks, from pre-production to video delivery. Times may vary depending on client availability, type of production, land conditions, etc.. The total production time video includes the following: pre-shoot meetings in which the needs of the company are evaluated, script development, recording on the corresponding locations, and post-production (voiceover, setup, filming, animations, speak wipes, etc..). The review by the client and the latest corrections, if needed, will only take a couple of days more. If you need a video urgently, we can shorten the time so you can have your video according to your needs.
Can the video be delivered in several languages?
Sure. For a version in another language you have to translate the text and adapt the images to the new audio. This usually takes a week or two and the cost depends on the length of the video and the language.
Do you provide other services such as event planning or equipment rental?
No, we are completely focused on audio and video production. Since we are specialized in this activity and oriented towards the industrial and institutional sector, we offer the best service at a reasonable cost. Nonetheless, in large projects that require multiple actions, we cooperate with other companies to provide a complete service.
We want to make a video with interviews. Can you do it?
Yes, of course. We make presentation videos, documentaries, institutional, corporate, industrial, and product videos, etc. If required, we can include interviews in all of them.
What is the appropriate duration for my video?
A corporate video should be dynamic, attractive, and relatively short. Our experience shows that the final length should not exceed 6 minutes, although this may vary depending on the characteristics of the company and its communication needs.
What are the types of video that you offer?

- Corporate Videos: We handle the entire production process of your company’s corporate video. We cover your communication needs by adapting to the corporate strategy and brand your company. We conduct our work adjusting ourselves to the needs of each client.

- Institutional Videos: We make videos for municipalities, universities, schools, museums, etc.

- Website Videos: Website videos are a great marketing tool with an infinitely cheaper cost than a commercial and a high return on investment. We made the necessary adjustments to keep your video’s online transmission at an optimum speed. We also create videos for cell phones and attractive virtual panoramic photos in 180° and 360°.

- Training Videos: A training video is the best material to visually spell processes, applications, features, and other aspects of a particular product or service. Meets the training needs of the employees of the company and is very interesting for companies with high staff turnover.

- Videobooks: The old resume in digital format. It consists of videos, photographs, texts, and music. It is the best presentation of the work of actors, musicians, models, dancers, and artists in general.

- Commercial Videos: Mediaclub makes videos or commercials to publicize their products or services in a short, original, and attractive way. We design a specific media plan, based on solid criteria related to the target audience and cost impact

- Promotional Videos: We make promotional videos for the launch of new products or services. This type of video generates a competitive advantage and is a very effective tool for potential clients and investors.

- Tourism Videos: We handle the promotion of any attraction with a striking video that is appealing to visitors.

- Advertorials: It is often the case that commercial actions need a marketing plus; for example, attaching an advertorial a to a written message. It is also an excellent tool have a video with specific explanations concerning the usefulness of your product or service when making a sales call. An advertorial is an original and professional way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

- Documentaries: We make documentaries about anything you want to communicate about your company. We also make journalistic documentaries for television

- Music Videos: We create, film, and edit music videos adapting ourselves to each budget. The visual language and aesthetics to be developed in a music video unleash the imagination of the creative artist and our own, creating work that has great variety and visual quality.

- Short Films: We do short films on the basis of an idea or a script given by the client.

- Event Recordings: We cover and record all types of events, conventions, exhibitions, conferences, presentations, celebrations, competitions, etc.. You can obtain a souvenir of what happened on that day and also give copies to the audience.

- Tutorials and Video Tutorials: We develop a manual with explanations that include pictures and/or video of any computer application or process to guide users on how to use their products.



What information should I have at hand BEFORE requesting a quote?
It is best if you have chosen the voice or voices for your project.
If you decide not to have the voice or voices, enter your search parameters (pitch, timbre, style, etc.).
Then it is very important to have the texts that will be recorded.
In case you have no texts to record, indicate at least the following: number of media, broadcast time, broadcast area (regional, national or international), type of advertiser, etc.
The greater the number of details you provide regarding your production, the faster we will find the solution you really need!
Out of respect for each client and each project, we do not provide quotes over the phone, and we only send a budget to users using our web forms.
What does the following mean: voiceover, regular or creative copywriting, and regular or creative editng?
The audio is sent as you request it in advance; it may be a voiceover (dry recording), and the text is recorded and sent exactly as you have sent it in writing, with the directions on pronunciations, tones, styles, etc.., specified by you.
A voiceover may be raw (recorded directly, without any processing, only removing voiceover errors) or processed, i. e. equalized and clean, ready to be edited with music and effects, or it may be used in dry format directly ready for dissemination. You can tell us which way you want it.
If you need a regular ad, you only need to send the basic data for the commercial, and we put it together for it to have an advertising sense; this service is called regular copywriting .
If you need a creative ad, with an impact, that’s different and ahead of the rest, we call this service creative copywriting.
What format do you use for the recordings?
Normally wav or mp3 formats for audio , and avi or mpeg formats for video.
In case you need another format, just tell us which one you want or require.
How soon can I have the material (shipping/delivery times)?
Usually, within 24 working hours from your payment if it is a voiceover (i. e., dry recording), and within 48 working hours when written and/or edited.
When dealing with high-volume productions, we make prior inquiries on shipping or delivery times .
Please bear in mind that the production of jingles demands more time given the fact that there are other variables to be considered.
What currency do you accept?
Nuevos soles for work that will be used or broadcasted in Peru, and dollars or euros for work that will be used or broadcasted in any foreign country.
Once we reach an agreement, how are payments made and recordings sent?
If you are in Perú, you can make a deposit or a bank transfer in soles; we work with the following banks: Banco de Credito and Banco Continental.
If you’re abroad, you can pay by email or electronic transfer in dollars or euros; we work with:
Paypal, Money Gram, Xoom
Once the agreed amount has been credited, we will record and send the production requested within the agreed term.
Voice costs, payment methods, shipping methods, and any other data are detailed in the information we send by email.



Are all photos retouched?
All the photos we deliver both in digital and print form have basic retouching, i. e., contrast, tone, exposure, and framing are adjusted where necessary. Moreover, we also make a selection of those photos that could benefit from being retouched artistically, adding different effects like blur, smoothing, saturated, black and white with color accent, among others. You are free to schedule an appointment with us to show you the retouching work we do with our photographs.



Why do I need Video Marketing?
Strategy is important. We offer a complete video marketing strategy for companies at competitive prices, outlining targets and a specific path to reach them.
We make a series of short videos that we will later move and position on the Internet through our SEO video and distribution strategies, based on a plan to help you publicize your business and reach new customers.